Custom Cakes & Pastries

Mik Cafe is your one-stop destination for everything sweet and delicious - pastries, croissants, wafers and all sorts of desserts. And it's not just desserts, but also custom cakes. We've got everything your heart desires!

Unique Designs

We have a wide assortment of flavours ready for you to try. Select any flavours to make your perfect cake, or have our chefs create one. You can also select from our range of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Ingredient Requests

With our custom cake design, we'll help you make your event memorable. We offer a wide range of designs, flavours, and fillings to choose from. We offer a wide range of catering options that are sure to please everyone at your event. Mik Cafe has the correct bakery solution for any occasion.

Hand Baked Pastries

At Mik Cafe, we believe that even though you may be pressed for time, you should still be able to enjoy your custom cake. That's why we bake fresh pastries and cakes on the spot, so you can enjoy the same quality with a more relaxed experience.